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Panic in the Street

A detective under suspension realizes that the escalating violence that plagues the city is part of a dark competition by teenage misfits.

Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller (Rated R)
109-page feature screenplay
4-page synopsis
$25+ million budget
© 2015

Random acts of increasingly-dangerous vandalism have the city in a panic. Are they due to terrorism, gang wars, or something else?

As a bribery accusation against Det. Rick Jordan puts his law enforcement career in jeopardy, he struggles to prove a suspicion he has about the crime wave.

Can he deflect society’s idealized innocence of his young suspects, who have no apparent motives and no criminal records? And can he avert the next plot, whose potential aftermath no one - especially its pre-adolescent perpetrator - can begin to estimate?

Note that this is not a pubescent action/thriller about how cool it would be for a bunch of bored teenagers to commit high-value property crimes. It is an intense personal drama with a message about the monsters we make of children through their abuse or neglect. There are also several panicky big-crowd set pieces that make it at least a medium-budget production, a nascent romance that'll make the audience feel really good, a strong arc that forces you to ponder what it means to accept responsibility, as well as several very strong female roles.

I look forward to sending this intense drama-thriller to you! (Also available as Pilot + Episode One)

Major Characters/Casting Possibilities:

Det. Rick Jordan, 30 years
Lt. Linda Hellenson, 30
Key plotters Rachel, 16, and Gretchen, 11
Other plotters:  Julia, Becky and Rosa, all 16

Note:  This project is part of my unofficial trilogy of the theme of "the-monsters-we-make-of-our-children-if-we-don't-bring-them-up-properly" or "poor parenting payback". [1] Little Sheep (action-adventure), [2] this project, Panic in the Street (gritty mature drama); [3] American Genocide (R-Rated black comedy).


Winner (Los Angeles Cinematography AWARDS [LACA] August)
Silver Award Winner (Wallachia International Film Festival)
Semi-Finalist (1st Edition: Spark - International Screenwriting Competition)
Honorable Mention (London International Monthly Film Festival - June)
Official Selection (Golden Giraffe International Film Festival)

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