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Little Sheep

A young fighter leads his fellow child soldiers on a campaign to liberate vulnerable people across their war-ravaged African country.

Action, Adventure, Drama, War (Rated R)
118-page feature screenplay
4-page synopsis
$40+ million budget
© 2012-2022

After all the grownups in a rebel group are killed in battle, the young surviving warriors take on the monsters who created them in a gallant effort to cure the ills of their dangerous and harsh world. This, even as they retain some universal traits and dreams of childhood.

Led by Imbiku, a guerrilla barely into adolescence, what starts as a few dozen rebels threatens to become a brigade and then an army, outdueling opponents with wits and daring gleaned from brutal battlefield experience.

In contrast to films such as the critically successful but sobering "Beasts of No Nation", this story presents children being forced to fight wars - and thoroughly condemns it - in the guise of a classic action adventure epic, similar to how Cameron ("Avatar") and Emmerich ("Day After Tomorrow") used blockbuster fiction as an allegory to explore other issues - indigenous rights and the environment.

If you would like to see this realistic, violent, yet heroic and even inspiring story, which could be both a crowd-pleaser and prestige piece, I look forward to sending it to you.

Major Characters/Casting Possibilities: 

Key children:  Imbiku, 12-13 years, and Iola, 10
Aid Workers:  Rachel 30, Sam 32, Winna 45 and Salim 25
Doris Creegan of the U.N., 40
Peacekeeping leader Lt. Joseph Chuma, 35 (Don Cheadle, Djimon Hounsou or Idris Elba)

Note:  This project is part of my unofficial trilogy of the theme of "the-monsters-we-make-of-our-children-if-we-don't-bring-them-up-properly" or "poor parenting payback". [1] this project, Little Sheep (action-adventure), [2] Panic in the Street (gritty mature drama); [3] American Genocide (R-Rated black comedy).


Silver Award Winner (Virgin Spring Cinefest - July)
Honorable Mention (1st Monthly FIlm Festival - July)

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