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After he is attacked by a teenager with a grisly condition that turns her into a psychopath when she sleeps, a detective pursues her across the country even as he succumbs to the same disorder.

Crime, Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller (Rated R)
107-page feature screenplay (also formatted as 60-minute pilots)
4-page synopsis
$20+ million budget
© 2015

What's the old saying, "Don't kick a sleeping dog"?

Even if it's your own pet, it's liable to bite you!

Thus, an intended cure for a young, comatose patient goes horribly wrong, and the initial victims are not just the innocent teenager, but a cop who is first to arrive on the scene.

Because as he responds to a call about the slaughter of over a dozen people, the detective suffers a frenzied attack by the seemingly-fragile Patient Zero, before she disappears.

Now the cop has a dilemma: As a lawman, should he pursue the teen or, as he begins to show symptoms of the same uncontrollable disorder, join her and try to find a cure – since the entire national security establishment is hunting them both!

More dramatic and with more character development that you'd expect for the out-of-control killer genre, this story is at times nightmarish yet is more suspense than slasher. Plus, it segues into a storyline in the vein of Les Miz or The Fugitive: With a man on the run, unjustly-accused, protecting two young adults as he is pursued by an obsessed detective, but with a world-wide pandemic storyline thrown in.  There's also a bit of influence from 28 Days Later or I Am Legend, in terms of how well-intentioned medical technology can lead to adverse results.

And to understand the big difference between Willowborough and other stories of this kind, consider that this affliction makes its victims what at most could be described as 'part-time zombies'. When they're normal, they are your daughter, brother, neighborhood storeowner, co-worker, etc. So it's not like you'd just want to shoot them in the head when they're in the "bad way". But generally speaking, when they are, and if one of them were on your left and a regular zombie were on your left, you may as well just say your prayers!

Major Characters/Casting Possibilities:

Det. Peter Bardoli, 50 years (Elias Koteas)
Wife Mary Bardoli, 50; daughter Mary, 16
Det. Jonas Dickson, 32
Rachel Westcott, 16; Alec Brigham, 18
Father Shelly, 65 
Dr. Patrice Allard, 70


Runner-Up (1st Monthly Film Festival)

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