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The Key Operator

In 1961 Manhattan, when a bookkeeper is caught using the new office machine to help his girlfriend, his unscrupulous boss squeezes him to take part in extortion against the owner, leading to betrayal and murder.

Crime, Drama, Film-Noir, Mystery (Rated PG-13)
104-page feature screenplay
4-page synopsis
$15+ million budget
© 2011-2022

Tagline: Copying isn't stealing - it's murder

Best-laid-plans mean precious little as the paths of a bookkeeper, his unprincipled boss, the new girl in the mailroom, and the strict Key Operator who's responsible for the photocopy machine, become entangled. The twists never let up as greed, double-crosses and blackmail spin out of control into murder.

"Key" is a celebration of office politics, which never changes no matter the era. It's about JFK- and Cold War-era morality, the Mercury rocket program, and even budding women's lib. (Meaning: In this story, the ladies show the guys who's boss, even though the protagonist is a fellow.)

Major Characters/Casting Possibilities:

Charles Deckard, 27 years
Anne Smithee, 23
Proctor, 45:  Peter Hermann
Randall H. Gruen, 55, and son Sammy T. Gruen, 16
Lillian T. Wadsworth, 55
Mary Capella, 35


Finalist (Bright International Film Festival - July)

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