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Terminal Trajectory

In a future war where time travel is possessed by both sides, a woman sent back in time struggles with her mission while ensuring the enemy soldier she loves survives to the future with her.

Action, Romance, Sci-Fi, War (Rated PG)
114-page feature screenplay
4-page synopsis
$75+ million budget
© 2011-2023

Put on your thinking cap for this one! “Terminal Trajectory” is a story about time travel technology in its infancy. It seems the greatest of all powers, yet the past remains unchangeable.

And through it all, the leading characters search for what we always do: Love. There's a teen romance, a seniors' romance, and one-and-a-half romances for 30-somethings - yes, you read that right!

PS.  A "terminal trajectory" is when someone is sent into the past and stays there. In part, this story shows what happens when they "catch up" to the present!

Major Characters/Casting Possibilities:

Brevity/Anne at 23 and 35 years (two different timelines)
Sgt. John Carlyle, 37
Rachel, 5
Lisa, 17
Drs. Rose and Ben Ngamo, both 58 and 70
Techs Baasim, 55, and Ratchet, 50
Antagonists:  Gov. Balkin, 55; Gruen, 45; Staff Sgt. Proctor, 45


Semi-finalist (Story Pros Awards Screenplay Contest)

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