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Shredder Saves the World

When a boy receives a chilling video from the future, he recruits his friends to try to save the world’s animal kingdom from demise that somehow starts with his own cat.

Adventure, Family, Sci-Fi (Rated PG)
104-page feature screenplay
4-page synopsis
$10+ million budget
© 2015

A small project that has something for the young, and young-at-heart, and has a feel-good "Goonies" sense to it:

In "Shredder Saves the World", 13-year old Bobby’s unremarkable life is turned upside down when he finds his favorite DVD has been overwritten by an ominous video directive:

“This message is for you, Bobby”

Simple words to launch a dire call-to-action from a distraught future world. Can Bobby and his friends prove that heroes come in all shapes and sizes? Will their curiosity, compassion and instinctive wisdom help them take on a planetary-wide environmental dilemma that hasn’t yet even begun?

"Shredder" is a coming-of-age tale with an environmental/apocalyptic theme. Even still, kids will be kids (the gang is aged 13 to 18), and it'd be fun to watch. A comparison might be "Super 8" (without the monster) meets "12 Monkeys" (without Willis), but at an Indie budget compared to either. And, ALL scenes are "contemporary", so it can be shot in virtually any residential area as long as there's a shoreline nearby and some sort of a fairgrounds.  A fun adventure for kids 7 to 70!

Major Characters/Casting Possibilities:

Bobby Gersman, 13, 35 and 55 years (three timelines)
Alexa Morningstar, 13
The rest of the Gang:  Andy, 13; Ruben, 14; Vito, 14; Kyle, 18; Kiri, 18; Penny, 7
Mr. Orson, 50


Winner (Changing Face International Film Festival - March)

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