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Sea Dragons

The Navy's latest, armed-to-the-teeth Destroyer comes to the aid of a vessel that collided with an unknown creature, provoking deadly combat between prehistoric sea monsters and a modern military ill-prepared to counter such an adversary.

Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi (Rated R)
104-page feature screenplay
4-page synopsis
$50+ million budget
© 2010-2023

From the success of the recent Jurassic World films and their many lesser imitators, it seems that the public never grows tired of dinosaurs!

Tagline: Plesiosaur? Meet Man. Man? Meet Plesiosaur.

Although high budget, and with a sequel potential, this is not your average CGI-exclusive dino-flick.

Aside from the fact that I had Denzel Washington in mind for the lead, I attempted to make this story scientifically grounded. That is, the creatures are not 500 feet long. The action is spiced up with an environmental message (Greenpeace sort of provokes the story) and includes a dramatic, humorous and relevant subplot of gender issues – considering the crew is 95% male and the commander is not, and it’s her first commission! And of course my leading man had hoped to get the job – but didn't.

A grounded, fun dino story for grown-ups!

Major Characters/Casting Possibilities:

Lieutenant-Commander A.J. Dawson, 55, Black
Commander Ellen Madison, 50, White


Winner (Genre Celebration Festival)

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