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Runs Like a Gazelle

Athletics staff at a small mid-West college recruit a jolly ex-Eastern Bloc coach passed over by everybody else to train a fleet-of-foot deliveryman from the poor side of town for a big State track meet.

Comedy, Family, Sport (Rated G)
109-page feature screenplay
4-page synopsis
$10+ million budget
© 2011-2021

"Runs Like a Gazelle" is a fictional story in the vein of "Rocky" or "The Karate Kid", but without the fights, and with a cute romance. The sport in question is the 100 meter sprint.

Oh, and you might as well throw in a little bit of "It's a Wonderful Life", because one of the underlying themes is "volunteerism" and strangers who offer a helping hand. I think it's about time a movie was made about those amazing people, don't you?! Certainly, my protagonist, Donnie Lopez - for all the effort he puts out and all the troubles he surmounts - wouldn't get too far without a little help!

A fun and uplifting modestly-budgeted 4-quad story, which has a wide assortment of characters to broaden its appeal.

Major Characters/Casting Possibilities:  (some of whom I have already reached out to)

Donnie Lopez, 22 years
Joe Silopovich, 70:  Anthony Hopkins
Randy Hughson, 35:  Owen Wilson
Coach Hec Robinson, 45:  Delroy Lindo, Keith David or Danny Glover
Aina, 19; Rebecca, 32
Sofia Lopez, 9, and brother Seve, 5


Quarter Finalist (Miami Screenplay Awards)

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