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A former gunslinger escorts a woman and her older, dying husband across post-Civil War America after the latter pleads he be buried in his Pennsylvania birthplace to avert the ascendance of a terrifying ghoulish force.

Adventure, Horror, Western (Rated PG)
103-page feature screenplay
4-page synopsis
$20+ million budget
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This story originated when I pondered the vampire, zombie and werewolf mythologies, and what they might have been “before” Stoker, Romero and Chaney Jr. defined those genres in the public eye. How would frontiers-people deal with creatures such as these, were they to encounter them without any yardstick to measure the experience by?

Because this seemed a fascinating scenario, I decided to write about it, including a nice love story along the way. It's a post-Civil War western in a still-bleeding nation, with the North and South conflict simmering, and a tense build-up to an in-your-face encounter with the unknown.

I'd reckon the breakdown to be about 75% genuine old-style western, 15% building dread, and 5% all-out monsters of my own invention (not exactly vampires, zombies or werewolves). And the story concludes with a sense that events may recur in or around the 1930s, 2000s, etc. but obviously with different results in those more modern worlds.

A gothic horror tale in the Hammer Films mold.

Major Characters/Casting Possibilities: 

Sam Barker, 40 years
Rebecca, 32 and Anton Nokovich, 65
Children Billy, 10, Rachel, 8, and Sweet-Pea, 5
Manservant Goran Bolich, 70
Chex and Lilly Donnelly, 35 and 25 respectively


Quarter Finalist (Wiki: The World's Fastest Screenplay Contest!)
Official Selection (Diabolical Horror Film Festival)

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