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As the last human on Earth struggles against her treacherous environment and her desperate loneliness, a frightening creature begins to prowl the ruins in which she lives.

Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi (Rated PG)
97-page feature screenplay
4-page synopsis
$5+ million budget
© 2014

Kith is a resourceful, poetic young woman with a vivid imagination who shares her post-apocalyptic world with a mannequin, a stray cat... and a terrifying demon of unexplained origin who stalks her.

That the cause of the End of the World remains unidentified to us only emphasizes Kith’s bleak predicament. Yet, through her inspiring passion and perseverance, there remains hope for the survival of the human spirit.

While at times "Kith" verges on the horrific , it is not a genre horror story. Its appearance as a simple "end-of-worlder" could put people into the seats, but its art-house qualities suggest it occupies similar space to Polanski's "Repulsion" from 1965. Closer still may the surrealistic works of Lynch, the complex storytelling of Memento or Black Swan, and especially Brad Anderson's "The Machinist", from 2004: Whereas that stunner was about guilt and accepting responsibility, "Kith" is a complex, sympathetic study of loneliness and accepting inevitability.

As such, "Kith" will appeal to those who enjoy the abstract story lines of the aforementioned films and invites the viewer to THINK, yet it retains some commerciality given its young-adult orientation and sci-fi setting.

At minimum, audiences can take it as a cerebral, female-centric mix of "The Last Man on Earth" with "The Quiet Earth".

Lastly, I should add that some fine young actress who is also capable of physicality ought to enjoy bringing the character of Kith to life, since she is the only character on-screen for virtually the entire story. Over the years, I have reached out to the representatives for, or directly to, several outstanding talents including: Chloë Grace Moretz, Thomasin McKenzie, Emily Carey, Emilia Jones, Sennia Nanua, Daniah De Villiers and Angourie Rice. I also touched base with the agent for director Terry Gilliam, as this story reflects his recurring themes of "madness, imagination or reality".

Note: If the film were a "hit" the obvious next step would be a Broadway or West End musical - all we'd have to do is write the music. (The poetry that Kith recites is mostly Poe, Wordsworth, Dickinson, etc.)


Award Winner (Royal Society of Television & Motion Picture Awards)
Honorable Mention (Frights! Camera! Action! Screenplay and Film Contest)
Official Selection - Psychological Screenplay (Best Script Award - London)

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