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Judgement at Siddim

A man reassesses his plan to avenge a violent crime against his family after a stranger crosses his path who is set to mete out his own final brand of justice.

Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller (Rated R)
104-page feature screenplay
4-page synopsis
$25+ million budget
© 2012-2021

"Siddim" (where Sodom and Gomorrah were located) has influences as diverse as "Shane" and "The Virgin Spring", but mainly it's my response to "Taken".

That's why I write some of my stories: As a reaction to what was missing or good about other films. I enjoyed "Taken", but I'm amazed how stupid the bad guys can be in these movies - they hurt somebody's kid or spouse, and that somebody turns out to be an ex-CIA or ex-Green Beret.

You'd think the villains would do their research first!

So, in my story, Sam Toomes is a plain, city tax auditor. He has no secret past as an FBI-operative or war-time demolitions experience in the Gulf War.  He and his family merely live the middle-class dream, until it is devastated by the reckless act of a drug lord's son.  When the corrupt local police do not act, Sam prepares to wreak justice. But he is untrained for such a task, and restrained by his civility.

Then Sam crosses paths with a stranger in town, one with his own interest in and special talents to deal with the gangsters.

As events hurtle toward a cataclysmic yet strangely moral conclusion, should Sam intervene, or stand by? Or should he help the stranger - and lose his soul?

A noirish, sequel- or cable series-spawning, violent anti-violence "revenge flick with a difference".

Note:  The unusual assassin in "Judgement at Siddim" is in the vein of John Wick, Alejandro (Sicario), Robert McCall (Equalizer), or even Jason Bourne, with one major exception: While my major supporting character is not wholly unlikable or without a moral code, he remains in the employ of the system as opposed to those now outside it or retired or betrayed by it, etc.

Major Characters/Casting Possibilities:

Sam Toomes, 35 years:  Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Rebecca, 35:  Emily Blunt
Daughter Karen, 16, and son Tommy, 7
Bernard Augustus Sammler, 45
Luca Milanovich, 19
Suzana, 20


Finalist (International Screenwriting Competition)
Semi-finalist (LA Crime and Horror Film Festival)

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