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A teenage supermarket clerk, his slacker co-workers, and their incredibly cantankerous supervisor battle a horde of zombies that invade the store.

Comedy (Rated R)
96-page feature screenplay (also formatted as 30- and 60-minute pilots)
4-page synopsis
$3+ million budget
© 2013-2022

After the doors close for the day at Big Bill's Supermarket, Alex "Flash" Burkson and his fellow part-time goof-offs labour alongside the even lazier full-time night shift crew.

Yawn. The same old boring work: Who prices the most tin cans in 15 seconds? Who stacks a skid the highest without it collapsing? Who looks the stupidest trying to get a date with the cutie working at the snack bar? And who can enrage their unforgettably mercurial boss the fastest?

But more importantly: Who can knock off the most zombies that have suddenly invaded the grocery store looking for... food?!

If the metaphor of "consumers" as "zombies" amuses you, you might like this one. In fact, the story puts a satirical love-hate bite on the very role of capitalism in society.  However, it's less about the zombies (which are more goofy than scary) and instead focuses on the reactions of the wacky and profane employees.  It's definitely more "Shaun of the Dead" than "Zombieland".

Naturally, most guys in the audience will enjoy this for obvious reasons, but there are four excellent (non-sexualized) female roles, too. Especially enjoyable should be the boss, Berto, whose cinematic impact I'd put on a par with Billy Bob Thornton's "Willie" in "Bad Santa". A dream casting of the character would be Jim Carrey or Peter Capaldi.

This feature sequel-spawner or cable series can be shot anywhere - and drinks and snacks are provided free of charge!

Note: This project is part of my unofficial trilogy of the theme of stupid zombies that aren't really that scary. [1] Gandhi et al Versus Zombies (action-adventure-comedy set in 1944), [2] this project, Dumbheadz (contemporary comedy); [3] The Ugly Dude (post-apocalyptic action-comedy).


Semi-Finalist (Stafford Film Festival)
Quarter-Finalist (Boston Horror Comedy Film Festival)
Official Selection (Dark Comedy Film Festival DCFF)

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