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In 1949, a war-weary Soviet army colonel and a by-the-book NKVD agent go into action when communications from the top secret bomb-making city go dead just days after the country tests its first atom bomb.

Fantasy History War Sci-Fi (Rated R)
105-page feature screenplay (also formatted as 60-minute pilots)
4-page synopsis
$40+ million budget
© 2012-2022

On August 29, 1949, the uneasy post-war peace is rattled by the 22 kiloton shockwave of the first Soviet atom bomb test. Now both sides in the Cold War have the ultimate weapon.

But then the Soviet's most sensitive weapons-making city, Arzamas-16, which is not even on any map, goes silent. Is it due to a technical communications problem? A catastrophic radiation accident? A rebellion of Nazi POWs in the nearby work camp?

Or something worse?

And what has happened to the high priority foreign asset who was operating at the facility? As such, this story imagines to shed light on a mysterious period in the flight from justice of one of history's most vile perpetrators of evil.

If you'd like to view this sequel-spawning story or cable TV pilot, which includes plenty of firefights, lots of cold war paranoia, a sad romance, and enough grounded medical sci-fi to make that part of the tale seem almost plausible, I look forward to sending it to you.

Major Characters/Casting Possibilities:

Col. Vitali Lepinovich Antipov, 35 years
Anastasiya (Tasya) Rabinevna Litvinov, 28
Dr. Helmut Gregori, 38
Abram Kuzmenkovich Kyshtym, 25
Lavrentiy Pavlovich Beria, 50 (Paul Giamatti)
Leonid Ontonovich Obukov, 35


Quarterfinalist (Wiki: World's Fastest Screenplay Contest)
Official Selection (Berlin Awards)

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